Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference

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Business leaders, work health and safety and workplace rehabilitation professionals joined us on Wednesday 16 October for the annual Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference (IPRWC).

This year’s program(PDF, 1013.53 KB) was jam-packed with expert presenters who discussed, analysed and gave their perspectives on key injury prevention and return to work topics. Download a copy of the delegate booklet to see a summary of key takeaways.

Join Spencer Howsen and the speakers as they discuss their topics in the below podcasts.


Donna Thistlethwaite
Mental Health: The Perfect Storm

Run time: 29:25

Professor Lorimer Moseley
The neuroscience of chronic pain

Run time: 31:24

Safety stream Return to work stream

Dr Nicholas Mabbott
The science of sleep and fatigue in the workplace

Run time: 16:32

Blythe Rowe
Injured worker engagement: overcoming perception-based barriers to return to work

Run time: 10:21

Dr Matt Brearley
Managing heat stress in the workplace

Run time: 17:46

Dr Andrew Khoo
Secondary psychological injuries and PTSD

Run time: 15:34

Professor Paul Salmon
Human factors in safety critical domains

Run time: 8:12

Tim Meadows, WorkCover Queensland and Ross Iles, Monash University
Tailored care and support to meet individual needs

Run time: 16:40

Dr Margaret Cook
The future of office design, computer-based work and changes in technology

Run time: 14:18

Dr Natasha Lazareski
Creating psychologically healthy workplaces

Run time: 16:50

View the presentation slides(PDF, 4595.31 KB)

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz
Intelligent Not Artificial – the future of work and why we’ll still have baristas (not coffee machines) in the year 2040

Run time: 17:36

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16 January 2020