Eagle Alliance Earthmoving Pty Ltd

Category six – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Eagle Alliance Earthmoving has positioned itself as a market leader in safety and successfully influenced safety culture through its supply chain. Eagle Alliance Earthmoving sets long-term safety goals and gains management commitment through physical and financial support.

Working in a largely subcontracting environment, consultation, coaching and mentoring were key to understanding the issues and creating trust with workers. It was also important for management to attend sites and be visible champions for better safety in the industry.

Eagle Alliance Earthmoving was able to change the long-ingrained attitudes in the industry through education and sharing its core values ‘Integrity. Quality. Innovation.’

A positive safety culture along with risk awareness has seen a drastic and widespread improvement in safety behaviours. Clients work together with subcontractors, supervisors and management to ensure safe work practices are followed so all workers go home healthy and safe each day.

Eagle Alliance Earthmoving Pty Ltd

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Rui Lopes: My name is Rui Lopes. I'm the Managing Director of Eagle Alliance Earthmoving. Eagle Alliance is the largest general hire earthmoving company in Southeast Queensland. We currently have 18 staff and we run a fleet of 250 full time subcontractors.

In 2017, we noticed an increase in work related incidents. The leadership team re-evaluated what had changed during that period and started to make some changes. The main change needed to be around the culture and the attitude towards safety with our workers and also with our clients. By retraining our subcontractors, spending a lot of time on site with our clients offering them support and education, we were able to demonstrate ways that safety can be adhered to at a required level without affecting the budgets of the project.

We created some new IT solutions in partnership with 365 Software, but we also developed an app for on site for the guys so they actually do their workplace health and safety documentation site specific through the app and so on. It involves an online induction now that the guys undertake upon joining the team and it's been developed to now do risk assessments and things of the like. We soon identified our mental health was not only an issue that they left at home, they actually bring it into work and it clouds their judgment and their mind's not on the job and it results in incidents and accidents and whatever else.

So Eagle Alliance as a group made the decision to actually employ the services of an EAP, which is something that we communicate to all subcontractors. So if they do have an issue, our staff has now been trained to actually identify any signs of mental health illness and we're now got program in place to be able to support them in dealing with whatever they may be going through.

The key actions around success was converting the culture and the complacency of our subcontractors. Once we had them onboard, had them feeling as part of the team, knowing that this wasn't just a ticking the box exercise, that we genuinely care about their health and wellbeing, they started feeling like they were more part of the team and that culture began to change. Our LTIs and reporting incidents have actually decreased by 60% from 2017 to now.

We're overwhelmed with the result actually, it's a lot of work put in by the team but it's worth celebrating.

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10 December 2019