Category eleven – Best demonstrated healthy and safe work design

This award recognises excellence in healthy and safe work design.

You cannot submit a direct entry for category eleven.

The design of a workplace is fundamental to providing a healthy and safe working environment.

All entries in categories one, two, three, four, five, eight and nine that demonstrate best practice design are eligible for nomination to category eleven. Finalists will be nominated by the judging panels for categories one to five, eight and nine.

The winner of category eleven will be decided by members of the Queensland Work Health and Safety Board, and will be the nominee who best demonstrates:

  • the 10 principles of Good Work Design specifically considering the design of work and systems, the work environment and the physical and mental capacities of workers
  • use of a risk management approach (risk assessment, consultation with workers and others and use of relevant data) to clearly identify, assess and control the issue
  • innovation (i.e. goes beyond compliance)
  • systems thinking with consideration to the hierarchy of controls (e.g. design solution to eliminate/engineer out the risk)
  • a solution or improvement that is sustainable and will continue to have an impact
  • a thorough evaluation has been conducted on the solution or improvement and demonstrates the impact and benefits
  • potential for their solution/change to have broader application across industry.

Last updated
10 December 2019