Category six - Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

This award recognises excellence in work health and safety leadership.

You cannot submit a direct entry for category six.

Leadership is fundamental to improving health and safety in the workplace.

All entries in categories one to five that demonstrate strong leadership in work health and safety are eligible for nomination to category six. Finalists will be nominated by the judging panels for categories one to five.

The winner of category six will be the nominee who best demonstrates:

  • Work health and safety leadership - Senior management demonstrates, through actions and decisions, that a positive safety culture is a core workplace priority. Senior management consults with and gains the support of staff in promoting and fostering a positive safety culture.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and consultation - The organisation's work health and safety initiative/s are usable, cost effective, and innovative, and were developed with input from a range of stakeholders and staff.
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge and experience - The initiative/s have broader application across other workplaces and industries, and positive feedback has been received from industry about the initiative/s.

Last updated
10 December 2019