Category seven - Injured worker achievement award

This award recognises an individual's successful rehabilitation and stay at/return to work within the past 12 months following a work related injury.

To be eligible you must have had a work related injury compensated under the Queensland workers' compensation scheme, and a successful and sustainable stay at/return to work within the past 12 months.

Don't forget! Check the criteria for category ten (Best demonstrated leadership in return to work) and keep these in mind when you’re preparing your entry. Finalists for category ten will be nominated by the judging panels for categories seven to nine, with all entries that demonstrate strong leadership in return to work eligible for nomination.

View the category seven example entry(PDF, 99.2 KB)

Entry criteria

(Note: This information is in the online entry form)

  Entry criteria Use these questions to help write your response
(Handy hint - they correspond to each judging criteria)

Describe your injury

What was your role and how long had you been in that role prior to your injury?

Detail your injury and how it occurred.

What treatment did you undertake after your injury?

What was your level of pain throughout the injury and recovery?


How did your injury impact you?

What impact (if any) did the injury have on your physical abilities both at work, home and leisure?

What impact (if any) did the injury have on your mental health?

What impact (if any) did the injury have on relationships with your family, friends and co-workers?

How did you overcome all of these impacts?


What elements were contributing actors to your successful return to work?

What rehabilitation did you require to return to work and how long did this take?

In what role did you return to work, and how did your rehabilitation contribute to that?

What (if any) barriers did you encounter on your to return to work journey and how did you overcome them?

What support (if any) did you receive from family, friends, colleagues and your workplace/employer in returning to work?

What changes (if any) did your workplace/employer make to assist you in returning to work?


What benefit have you experienced from returning to work as part of your rehabilitation?

Did your experience have a positive impact in your workplace? If so, how?

Why do you think it’s important to get back to work following an injury?

Did you acquire any new skills (personal or professional) throughout your rehabilitation and return to work?

Do you believe any positive outcomes came from your rehabilitation and return to work journey? If so, what are the positives you’ve experienced (e.g. improvements to lifestyle, family/relationships, workplace safety/systems/rehab, your career prospects)?

What advice would you give other people who may experience a similar injury or situation, to inspire them to participate in their rehabilitation and return to work?

We're here to help you

We can help you complete your injured worker achievement award nomination over the phone, through a short and simple interview where we record your answers for you. If you would like to utilise this service, please contact us at

Last updated
11 July 2018