Category five - Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative

This award recognises an organisation that has implemented a high standard workplace health and wellbeing initiative. This may include initiatives that seek to improve nutrition, increase physical activity, or address smoking, alcohol, obesity or mental health.

Don't forget! Check the criteria for category six (Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety) and keep these in mind when you’re preparing your entry. Finalists for category six will be nominated by the judging panels for categories one to five, with all entries that demonstrate strong leadership in work health and safety eligible for nomination.

View the category five example entry. (PDF, 160.3 KB)

Entry criteria

(Note: This information is in the online entry form)

  Entry criteria Use these questions to help write your response
(Handy hint - they correspond to each judging criteria)

Describe your workplace health and wellbeing initiative and how it was developed.

How did you consult with workers regarding health and wellbeing (e.g. staff questionnaires, healthy people survey, observation, feedback from staff, focus groups)?

How did you assess the structure of work to ensure healthy lifestyle behaviours were easy for staff to adopt (e.g. systems of work, workplace audit)?

How is health and wellbeing planned and coordinated in your workplace (e.g. through a committee, or wellbeing champion/s)?

How is health and wellbeing resourced in your workplace (e.g. funding allocated, a coordinator)?

How do all levels of management demonstrate their support for workplace health and wellbeing?


Describe how health and wellbeing is implemented in your workplace.

What were the overall goal/s of your workplace health and wellbeing initiative? What changes did you want to see?

What changes were implemented to make it easier for workers to adopt healthy behaviours (e.g. installed kitchen/eating facilities, replaced non-nutritious food with healthy food in vending machines, provided change room facilities, standard items on meeting agendas, smoke-free workplace)?

What changes were implemented for the workers (e.g. hours of work, rosters, work rotation, flexible work hours, increasing worker autonomy, walking groups, educational sessions on healthy lifestyle behaviours/stress management, health and wellbeing notice board, intranet)?

How is your health and wellbeing initiative promoted to workers (e.g. newsletter, notice boards, emails, champions, through consultation)?

How long has the initiative been implemented in your workplace?

  • six months or longer
  • 12 months or longer
  • two years or longer

Explain how your health and wellbeing initiative has achieved your goals.

How are you evaluating the effectiveness of the activities implemented under this initiative (e.g. surveys, interviews, observations, meeting minutes)? What were the results?

What percentage of your total workforce participated in the activities implemented?

Has there been a positive behaviour change amongst workers in relation to the activities implemented?

Provide details of the business outcomes that you have witnessed/reported (i.e. absenteeism, productivity, injury rates, and workers’ compensation costs)

What sustainable changes have there been to the structure of work and the workplace environment?

Describe how the findings and learnings from the initiative were shared with stakeholders, including management and workers?

Describe how you have shared (or have the potential to share) the findings of your intervention across broader industry.

Last updated
11 July 2018