Loads and attachments

Don't overloadMaximum load and towing limits are detailed in the manufacturer's manual and on the quad bike itself (like a warning label).

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when you add loads to your quad bike, fit attachments or use quad bike accessories.

  • Only use the mounting point or draw bar provided by the manufacturer. Incorrect attachments or loads can increase instability and cause roll overs.
  • Never alter the height of the mounting point or go beyond the quad bike’s listed towing capacity, otherwise it will affect braking, steering or suspension and increase the risk of roll over or collision.
  • Always ensure all guards are in place and the bike can be easily operated from the seated position.
  • Loads should be reduced if there is rough or steep terrain.
  • Loads should not be carried on steep slopes.

The manufacturer's manual outlines maximum loads for front and rear racks and when towing, but this is for relatively flat, smooth and level terrain.

Loads and attachmentsLoads and attachments

Liquid loads and tanks

Carrying or towing liquid loads can make your quad bike unstable and subject to uncontrolled movement because the contents of the tank shift when cornering or traversing slopes. This decreases the stability of your quad bike and increases the likelihood of a rollover. 

Liquid loads and the tank itself should always be baffled to prevent sudden liquid movement and the loads calculated to avoid going over the manufacturer’s instruction. Remember one litre of water weighs one kilogram. 

Spray tanks, either rack mounted or trailer mounted attached to a quad bike should:

  • be as low as possible to have minimal impact on the bike's centre of gravity
  • have internal baffles that restrict the movement of liquid
  • not hinder rider movements or obscure visibility
  • not touch the operator or restrict their ability to jump free from the quad bike in the event of a roll over
  • be round in shape and not have any sharp edges.

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Ride Ready - loads

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    • Loaded quad bikes tip on slopes.

      So stop and think before you tackle steep terrain.

      Always Ride ready.

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