Kids on kids bikes

Kids on kids bikes Kids under 16 accounted for 20 per cent of all national quad bike related deaths - more than half were driving the quad bike. These incidents are preventable.

Your kids under 16 should not ride adult-sized quad bikes. Often they don’t have the physical strength to handle a quad bike that weighs up to 300 kg.

Kid-sized quad bikes are available from quad bike dealers and are beneficial for young riders because they are lighter than adult-sized quad bikes and are restricted to lower speeds.

Though when your kid is riding a kid-sized quad bike, they should always wear a helmet.

It may be convenient to have your kids double with you on a single-seat quad bike, but this is extremely dangerous. Just under half of deaths of kids on quad bikes are because they were doubling with someone else. Just don’t take the risk.

Kids on kids bikesKids on kids bikes

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    • Jake, 30 kilos.

      Adult quad bike, 300 kilos.

      Adult size quad bikes aren't made for kids.

      Always Ride ready.

      Search Ride ready for rider tips.

      Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane.

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09 December 2019