Motor and petroleum industry forum discusses ageing workforce concerns

Middle aged man and machinery

WorkCover Queensland recently held a forum for employers in the motor and petroleum industries to discuss the implications of an ageing workforce on their businesses.

Guest presenter, Dr Robert McCartney, Occupational Physician, spoke about the effects an ageing workforce has on a business and how employers can manage the risks to both their business and their workers.

According to Dr McCartney, in 2007, 13% of the Australian population was over 65 years of age. By 2056 it is expected to increase to 23%. Ageing has many effects on the body including reduced muscle strength and balance, reduced joint mobility, flexibility and posture, and slower reaction time. The body also starts to degenerate from the age of 20 so aggravation injuries are more frequently seen. Employers need to understand that regardless of a pre-existing condition, if there are symptoms arising from an event then employment is usually significant in the development of the aggravation.

Dr McCartney said, 'The health and wellbeing of your worker pays dividends by minimising injuries'.

Reginald Sharma, Industry Consultant with WorkCover dispelled some myths about workers' compensation insurance obligations by providing an overview of who is considered a 'worker' for insurance purposes and what information employers need to provide as part of their wages declaration.

Lisa Grady, Customer Advisor with WorkCover then discussed the Recover at Work (RAW) program. This program is a new approach to facilitating early return to work opportunities for injured workers by placing them in short term host employment, with employers who have an established track record of successful return to work outcomes for their own workers.

Employers are encouraged to become RAW employers and host an injured worker as part of assisting in a return to work.

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Last updated
23 July 2015