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One of Australia’s largest wholesale distribution and marketing companies, Metcash Limited has pinpointed greater employee ownership of a healthy and sustainable safety culture as the key driver in bringing its premium rate back in line with the retail industry average.

Metcash is a large Queensland employer with approximately 1200 employees, supplying groceries, fresh produce, liquor, hardware and automotive parts to over 2400 independent Australian retailers.

With the introduction of a robust health, safety and injury management system and a sharper focus on safety training and inductions, Metcash has seen a 62 percent decline in injury claims over the last four years.

However, despite a reduction in claims, Metcash’s premium rate still sat at 17 percent above the retail industry average for the last financial year (2014–2015) (see graph below).

Metcash graph showing claims and premium rates 

Tony McGill, Occupational Health and Safety and Injury Management Manager for Queensland passionately believes that the health and safety of all Metcash workers is paramount.

Tony pointed to Metcash’s health, safety and injury management system as a major contributor to the company’s safer work environment. However, he said he recognises that even best practice safety systems and procedures are not enough to minimise injuries.  

‘Our goal is to develop a healthy and sustainable safety culture where our workers value safety rules and instructions and our people are instilled with a genuine concern for their own safety and that of their colleagues,’ Tony said.

‘We are currently in a transitioning stage, progressing from a dependent to an independent safety culture with a view to sustainability for the future. We want our people to work safely and be involved in the safety decisions that impact their way of work.

This article is part one of a three-part series that reveals Metcash’s journey towards a safe and healthy workplace. In part two, see how Metcash is analysing the success of its safety culture transition.

Last updated
22 June 2016