Metcash journey part three—working together to overcome challenges

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Metcash is under no illusion that transitioning its safety culture will be easy and its supervisors and managers will confront challenges along the way.                             

‘The average human resists change at a deep psychological level, not because it is wrong, but simply because our subconscious fears what is unfamiliar,’ said Tony McGill, Occupational Health and Safety and Injury Management Manager for Queensland.

‘So whenever a culture and/or behavioural change management program is implemented, the typical reaction is fear and uncertainty from the workforce. This can manifest in a range of ways from quiet non-compliance to outright opposition and many employees will also experience increased levels of stress during this phase.

‘Our goal is to ensure our people understand and accept the true value of a healthy safety culture and support them through the very normal emotional responses to change,’ Tony said.

‘Having WorkCover Queensland’s support in our journey is making this transition a little easier. They are a great source of assistance and their consistently excellent claims management services are a huge benefit in the planning of our cultural improvement,’ he said.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Advisor, Marie Hally, is working closely with Metcash’s health and safety team and says the organisation’s commitment to creating a safe environment and a strong safety culture is commendable.

‘Metcash are introducing some great sustainable injury prevention initiatives that will benefit both their business and their workers and I look forward to contributing to that,’ Marie said.

WorkCover strives to support and encourage its customers in their efforts to build a strong safety and injury prevention environment. Through the involvement of occupational therapists and allied health professionals, WorkCover can help injured workers achieve better return to work outcomes and help keep claim costs down to minimise the impact on premiums for employers.

‘It gives us great confidence to know that WorkCover wants to and can assist us to improve our performance. We look forward to continuing to work with them on our journey to a healthy and sustainable safety culture,’ Tony said.

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Last updated
15 September 2015