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    Don't overload

    Heavy loads and attachments can make quad bikes unstable.

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    Medical assessment tribunal

    Medical assessment tribunals make independent expert medical decisions about work-related injury or impairment. This video explains the medical assessment tribunal process for workers.

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    A Current Affair Melting Man

    This story shows the tragic consequences that can occur if heat strain factors are not adequately controlled. Story provided to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland courtesy of the Nine Network's A Current Affair program.

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    Young workers

    Young workers aged from 15 to 24 years make up about 18 per cent of the Queensland workforce. Around 4400 young workers are seriously injured at work in Queensland each year.

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    Giada and Matteo’s story

    Giada, a gelato maker at La Macelleria Gelateria, required surgery after being diagnosed with repetitive strain injury.

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    Occupational cancers masterclass

    Callum Robertson is a Cancer Prevention Advisor with Cancer Council Queensland, and in this masterclass discusses occupational cancers and carcinogens. Carolyn Topping, Occupational Hygienist with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland talks about the legislative framework in place to address cancer risks in Queensland workplaces.

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    Quad bike training

    Even the most experienced riders need to be prepared for the unexpected.

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    2014 Safe Work Awards

    Winners and finalists' films of the 2014 Safe Work Awards - recognising innovation, leadership and commitment to making Queensland workplaces healthier and safer.

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    People at Work

    People at Work is a validated psychosocial risk assessment survey to help organisations identify the most common psychosocial hazards in their workplace, causing both psychological and physical harm.

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    Kids on kids’ bikes

    Adult-sized quad bikes are too large for kids to handle.

  • Video

    Asbestos safety for businesses webinar

    This webinar was held during Asbestos Awareness Week 2023 to educate businesses about where asbestos containing materials are commonly found in commercial and industrial buildings, reveal the compliance issues auditors most commonly encounter when they conduct site visits, and give an overview of the legislative requirements regarding the management of asbestos containing materials for businesses operating out of premises built prior to 1990.

  • Video

    Mentally healthy workplaces

    Mentally healthy workplaces have benefits for everyone regardless of your industry or business size.