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    Occupational Violence: What are the Courts telling us?

    Scott Falvey from McInnes Wilson Lawyers discusses occupational violence and reviews recent court judgements from the QIRC and State Courts (August 2019).

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    Diversity and inclusion for mentally healthy workplaces

    Catherine Lee, Director and Founding partner of Lethbridge Piper and Associates, shares insights on how neurodivergent workers may experience risk at work differently from their neurotypical co-workers – and what you can do to ensure you are making workplaces safer, healthier, and more inclusive for neurodivergent workers.

  • Video

    David Whittingham video

    Understanding types of violence: An overview and practical approaches for human services.

  • Video

    Dr Sarah Cotton video

    No time for health: New ways to support small business owners and their people around mental health and wellbeing.

  • Video

    The duty of care owed by employers during COVID-19

    Webinar: Guest presenters, Chris Murphy and Jessica Byrne of Cooper Grace Ward discuss the duty of care owed by employers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Video

    Understanding disclosure of pre-existing conditions

    Queensland legislative changes passed in October 2013 include the ability for employers to request information about pre-existing injuries or medical conditions from potential workers.

  • Video

    The link between MSDs and psychosocial risk factors

    In this webinar presentation, Dr Jodi Oakman, Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University (LTU), will give an overview of current research evidence relating to the causes of MSDs, including the impact of psychosocial hazards. Additionally, she will present some of the findings from research currently being undertaken at LTU and discuss potential changes to the way MSD risks are managed.

  • Video

    Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd – Ormeau, Queensland

    A special thank you to the staff of Geofabrics Australasia who kindly shared their success story to encourage other workplaces to adopt genuine, proactive, transparent workplace consultation processes.

  • Video

    Hayley's full video

    Commonwealth gold medallist, small business owner and psychological health champion Hayley Lewis is proud to be Queensland’s Mental Health Ambassador.

  • Video

    Dr Sharron O’Neill video

    Measures for mentally healthier work.

  • Video

    Medical considerations when treating psychological injuries

    Dr Quentin Mungomery, Psychiatrist and Medical Assessment Tribunal Member is providing general practitioners with tips on completing the Work capacity certificate – workers’ compensation when a patient presents with a work related psychological injury.

  • Video

    Jodie Deakes panel video

    How effective workplace consultation, representation and participation can improve your health and safety outcomes.