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  • Video

    Promoting workplace safety for young employees (Jahin Tanvir)

    Jahin Tanvir explores the ways in which workplaces can adapt and manage for young employees and create a safe and sustainable working culture.

  • Video

    Protective Pty Ltd

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category three winner – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

  • Video

    Townsville City Council

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category four winner – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

  • Video

    Shine Lawyers

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category five winner – Best commitment to work health and wellbeing

  • Video

    Monadelphous and Incitec Pivot Limited

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category six winner – Best demonstrated healthy and safe work design.

  • Video

    John Kenworthy

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category seven winner – Injured worker achievement award

  • Video

    Lynne Brown, Queensland Police Service

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category nine winner – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work.

  • Video

    Melissa Cole, William Duncan State School

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category ten – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety and return to work.

  • Video

    How to unlock the health and safety representative

    Andrea Fox and Johanna Sutherland from the Office of Industrial Relations discuss the legislative changes that are coming in Queensland, how we work with health and safety representatives (HSRs), as well as dispelling some common misconceptions about the role.

  • Video

    Controlling noise in the workplace (Marion Burgess AM)

    Marion Burgess AM discusses the effects of high noise exposure and why it is essential to manage and protect workers from excessive noise.

  • Video

    Let's work on mentally healthy workplaces

    Let’s work on building the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of workers to be resilient and thrive at work.

  • Video

    Disclosure in Common Law Claims

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland Senior Lawyer, Tim Loos, welcomes guest presenters Kirsten Weber and Elizabeth Bainbridge-Brown of Jensen McConaghy Lawyers, to discuss why it is important for employers to disclose relevant information and documents to WorkCover Queensland for the management of a common law claim.