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  • Video

    Changing focus – Gavan's story

    Changing focus follows Gavan McGuane's story. He was blinded after a workplace incident where he tripped and fell onto a beer keg.

  • Video

    The changing legislative landscape of psychological health and safety with Hayley Lewis

    Former Olympic gold medallist, small business owner and psychological health champion Hayley Lewis hosted a thought-provoking discussion about the changing legislative landscape for psychological health and what this means for building the drive for change.

  • Video

    Webinar series

    Explore the recorded live digital events to find out more about safety in the electrical industry.

  • Video

    Return to work after workplace bullying

    Workplace Health and Safety Queensland hosted a webinar presented by Dr Kirsten Way from Work and Electrical Safety Policy on Wednesday 30 October 2014.

  • Video

    What employers can do to avoid workplace injuries and common law claims

    Terry Killian of Hall and Wilcox and Luke Murphy of MurphySchmidt Solicitors join us for our latest webinar

  • Video

    Redundancy and reasonable management action: what you need to know

    Guest presenters Anna Hendry and Adele Garnett of HopgoodGanim Lawyers join us to discuss redundancy and reasonable management action and answer questions from the audience.

  • Video

    Systems thinking for health, safety and wellbeing

    Systems thinking recognises the complex interrelationship of the many factors that can contribute to an injury or illness. Systems thinking helps find the real risks so you can prevent harm or illness, create sustainable change and, ultimately, benefit business.

  • Video

    The evolving role of safety leaders, Dom O’Brien

    Discover how leaders not only embrace, but also set themselves up for success in a landscape that is constantly changing.

  • Video

    Design for workplace diversity, developed by Sara Pazell presented by David Hall

    Learn about how to integrate business unit activity, display good leadership, and advance company strategy through a shared investment in design objectives, measures, and outcomes.

  • Video

    Changes in work during COVID-19 (and beyond), Professor Sharon Parker

    This session provides evidence-based practical steps to address some of the issues associated with COVID-19 such as isolation, work stress, the need for good organisational support, and communication.

  • Video

    The human cost of not speaking up. Psychological safety – not just nice but necessary! Naomi Armitage

    This resentation will look at how fostering a culture of psychological safety is important. The concept of psychological safety has been around since 1965 and it's a team construct. It only exists in teams, not necessarily across an entire organisation. When you have a psychologically safe environment in a team, there's a shared understanding in the team that it's safe to take an interpersonal risk.

  • Video

    Craig's story

    Craig suffered serious injuries to his back, ribs and pelvis when he fell from a ladder at work. At age 70, he has been able to return to the work he loves as a swimming pool manager. Here, in his own words, Craig tells how a positive mindset and support helped him get back.