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  • Video

    Hyne Timber

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category one winner – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

  • Video

    Work social events and employer liability

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland Senior Lawyer, Tim Loos, welcomes guest presenters Kym Cavanagh and Jim Tealby, of Hede Byrne & Hall, to discuss employer liability for injuries that have occurred at work social events. Kym and Jim talk through some cases on the subject, and provide analysis about when employers may be found liable for these injuries.

  • Video

    Play it safe (Luke Hodge)

    Luke Hodge, ALF Great shares his personal experience with workplace safety, after witnessing a friend in a severe accident, and the aftermath of this.

  • Video

    The power of perspective in redressing sexual harassment culture

    Dr Skye Charry delves into a powerful framework for catalysing change in sexual harassment culture by harnessing three key workplace perspectives.

  • Video

    Addressing workplace bullying

    Workplace bullying is a significant health and safety risk in Australian workplaces, affecting one in 10 workers.

  • Video

    De-escalating aggression and violence in the workplace

    Mark Oostergo discusses occupational violence and aggression in the workplace.

  • Video

    Developing evidence-based and practical solutions for preventing harm in the workplace (Dr Gregory Zelic)

    Dr Gregory Zelic explores the focuses of the Centre for Work Health and Safety and addresses the future of work.

  • Video

    The impacts of workplace injury on families (Riana Crehan)

    Riana Crehan, motorsport presenter for the Supercars shares her personal story about her father suffering a workplace injury and the impact on families.

  • Video

    Staying safe at work (Kevin Walters)

    Kevin Walters, current Brisbane Broncos coach and former NRL player and Queensland Origin coach, talks about the importance of staying safe at work.

  • Video

    The importance of work safety (Jade North)

    Jade North, the first Indigenous Socceroos’ captain and two time Olympian and two-time A-League Champion, shares his experience and message about work health and safety.

  • Video

    Secondary Mental Injuries - Prevention and Support

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland Manager of Mental Injuries, Michelle Turton, welcomes guest presenter Tatjana Jokic, registered Psychologist and Managing Director of JK Corporate Resourcing, to explore secondary mental injuries in workers compensation.

  • Video

    Promoting workplace safety for young employees (Jahin Tanvir)

    Jahin Tanvir explores the ways in which workplaces can adapt and manage for young employees and create a safe and sustainable working culture.