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    Jason's story

    Jason’s story is a confronting look at the heartache of losing a son to a preventable workplace incident. Jason Garrels died at just 20.

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    Systems thinking for health, safety and wellbeing

    Systems thinking recognises the complex interrelationship of the many factors that can contribute to an injury or illness. Systems thinking helps find the real risks so you can prevent harm or illness, create sustainable change and, ultimately, benefit business.

  • Video

    Heat stress management - you're doing it wrong!

    In this practical session, you’ll learn about evidence-based approaches to address heat stress. This session will equip you with the knowledge to better manage the risks of occupational heat.

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    Safety fundamentals - Small and medium sized business workshop

    Designed for small to medium sized businesses with limited experience in work health and safety, this practical session will cover the fundamentals of safety and injury management systems.

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    Talking mental health with ex-Olympian Hayley Lewis

    Hayley shares her story during Safe Work Month 2020 and talks all things mental health, resilience and reflects on the highs and lows of her career.

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    Intelligence-enabled workplace health and safety

    For those at the forefront of work health and safety, Associate Professor Maureen Hassall explores some of the threats, opportunities and emergent risks associated with intelligence enabled WHS, and how advancements in technology may be optimised to improve WHS.

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    Suicide prevention for young workers in the construction industry

    Research has found that young males working in the construction industry in Queensland are at a higher risk of suicide and are twice as likely to take their own lives than other young Australian males.

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    Achieving mentally healthy workplaces through early intervention

    In this session, Dr Lorraine Stokes and Ngaire Graham explore how to create a culture of early intervention in order to achieve a mentally healthy workplace. You’ll find out why it’s a challenge when intervention doesn’t happen early enough and learn how to recognise the early warning signs of psychological distress and implement strategies to reduce the risk of harm to workers.

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    Managing the challenges of health and safety in a multigenerational workforce

    In this presentation, Dr Simone Ryan will discuss the biology, physiology and psychology of ageing and explore ways to design an age friendly workplace. She will discuss how to develop and build action plans to help retain the ‘ageing’ workforce along with their expertise, while implementing strategies to encourage younger employees to adhere to safe work practices early on in their career. Using a case study, Simone will guide you to understand better ways to manage the work environment, the individual, and their work/life balance.

  • Video

    Mental Health Week 2020 - A conversation with Simon Black

    This interactive session includes a live Q&A, where Simon shares his personal story, including his experiences around leadership, resilience, and mental health.

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    Wellbeing anchors at work: powerful tool to improve workplace health, safety, productivity and build resilience in crisis

    Successful health and safety strategies must start with people. How can we create safe and less stressful workplaces?

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    How wellness impacts safety - pain science

    This interactive session will explore how new ideas and findings in pain science and fatigue can help us to better understand accidents and how pain presents in the workplace.