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Common law claims: Safe work procedures and PPE

The third webinar in our common law series concentrated on safety procedures and PPE.

While previous webinars in this series have covered the employer's liability such as duty of care and breach of that duty of care, this session, delivered by Terry Killian and Stacey Boulton from Dibbs Barker, focussed on the concept of how duty of care requires an employer to devise, maintain and enforce a safe system of work.

With the use of actual case studies, Terry and Stacey illustrate what is required by the employer in a practical context.

You can listen and watch the webinar recording or view the presentation slides (PDF, 0.2 MB) and transcript (PDF, 0.3 MB).

For more information on the common law claim process, visit the dedicated common law services knowledge bank on our website. Our common law case studies are also a good resource to help you understand the practical application.