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  • Plan on a page template

    To help you implement your own safety leadership challenge, we have developed some additional resources

  • Risk management plan - single risk template

    Use this single page template to identify and track your risk management after you identify a hazard.

  • Safe work procedure template

    Use this template to record your safe work procedure after analysing a particular task in your workplace.

  • Croft Disability Questionnaire

    Use Croft Disability Questionaire to identify adn measure shoulder injury related disability.

  • Orthopaedic reporting template

    A document template to be completed by orthopaedic professionals to report their findings and recommendations for an injured worker.

  • Healthy workplace audit tool

    The Healthy Workplaces audit tool replaces the 'healthy workplaces survey'. It is completed by management, work health and wellbeing coordinators and/or workplace working groups. It focuses on organisational factors in the workplace. There is also an online version.

  • Communication Strategy Template

    Use this example 'Safety Leadership Challenge' communications plan to describe the activities that will support the implementation of the challenge across your organisation. It outlines communication content, timing, and delivery method.

  • Key motivators reporting tool

    This tool will help you identify your organisation’s priorities and measure long-term outcomes.

  • If you're injured at work posters

    Printable posters for your workplace, to advise of what to do in the event of a workplace injury.

  • Sample suitable duties program

    Template 031 2009

  • Work-related mental disorders infographic postcard

    Work-related mental disorders infographic postcard.

  • Pain catastrophising scale 1995

    Cognitive coping strategies