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Organisational systems benchmarking tool

Safe and healthy business is good business—it can increase worker productivity and morale, reduce injuries and their associated costs to your business and enhance your reputation with customers and the community.

The Organisational Systems Benchmarking Tool helps you assess whether you have an effective, systematic approach to managing the areas of:

  1. work health and safety
  2. worker health and wellbeing
  3. workers' compensation and return to work.

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The tool gives you the choice to assess one, two or all three of the areas in the workplace and enables you to compare your performance anonymously with other businesses across similar industry sectors and sizes. It also provides guidance to help you improve your management of safety, health and wellbeing and workers compensation and return to work.

The tool focuses on the following areas:

1. Work health and safety

Providing a safe and healthy work environment isn't just a legal requirement, it will also help your organisation be more productive, efficient and profitable. A safe and healthy workplace doesn't happen by chance or guesswork, it's achieved by involving workers in a planned and structured management of workplace risks and hazards.

2. Worker health and wellbeing

Focusing on the health of your workers makes good business sense - it can improve workplace culture and business image, improve work performance and productivity, and reduce injury and absentee rates. This can be achieved by creating a supportive healthy workplace and implementing initiatives which encourage individuals to change their behaviour.

3. Workers' compensation and return to work

Getting back to work is an important step in recovering from a work-related injury and means a worker can return to a normal life, often reducing the financial and emotional impact on them and their family. Achieving successful and sustainable return to work is enhanced when an employer has established workplace rehabilitation and return to work principles, provides assistance prior to claim lodgement and facilitates ongoing support and communication to the worker.

Using the tool

The tool is free and confidential.

You can revisit the tool and use a secure confidential login to add future initiatives you have implemented and reassess progress.

Completing the entire tool will take between 20–30 minutes when assessing all three systems, depending on how many 'to consider' examples are viewed when rating the statements.

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