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  • Safe work method statements

    A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) documents a process for identifying and controlling health and safety hazards and risks. PCBU must prepare a safe work method statement prior to commencing any high risk construction work.

  • Steering Healthy Minds

    A collaboration by the Transport Industry Mental Health Initiative (TIMHI), Steering Healthy Minds has identified three main areas of focus – normalising, promoting and supporting the mental health of workers in the transport industry.

  • Preventing injuries in poultry processing

    With the rate of time-lost compensation claims in poultry processing nearly double the Queensland average, research into injury prevention in the industry was recently undertaken.

  • Declaring wages for labour hire companies

    As a labour hire company, your premium is calculated based on the wages information you supply. You'll need to identify the business activities for your clients to accurately declare your wages.

  • Safety Management System Audit and Governance Guide

    Prescribed electricity entities guide on Safety Management System audit and governance (June 2020).

  • Duties of high voltage electrical installation owners and operators

    A high voltage (HV) electrical installation is a group of items of electrical equipment permanently connected that can be supplied with electricity from an electricity entity or from a generating source at voltages greater than 1000V ACRMS or 1500V ripple-free DC.

  • Conditions of accreditation as an assessor for high risk work classes

    Assessors must be familiar with the conditions and understand the requirements before conducting assessments or undertaking assessment administrative requirements.

  • Household workers' insurance policy guide

    A guide to your household workers' insurance policy cover and conditions. Holding an household workers’ insurance policy meansthat you are covered against the costs of compensating ahousehold worker who is injured while working for you.

  • Role of a qualified technical person

    All electrical work performed by a licensed electrical contractor must be performed or supervised by a qualified technical person (QTP) who is endorsed on the licence (2 pages).

  • The Regulator’s response to occupational lung disease - Presentation Slides

    The Regulator’s response to occupational lung disease - presentation deck by Brad Bick of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

  • Farm safety

    Practical solutions to six common causes of injury in the rural industry.

  • Managing health and safety in food retail

    This handbook helps franchisors develop an effective health and safety system. It helps franchisees understand how to implement this system in their workplace.