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  • Integrated Family and Youth Service

    Integrated Family and Youth Service Ltd (IFYS) is a not-for-profit organisation delivering specialist support and intervention programs for children, young people and families across Queensland.

  • Conflicting versions of events

    Arnold v Tilecorp Pty Ltd [2012] QSC 321, 25 October 2012. This case was determined according to issues of credit, with His Honour preferring the employer’s evidence over that of the worker’s as to the system of work he was undertaking at the time. The matter proceeded in relation to both liability and quantum.

  • Nurse awarded damages after patient incident

    A nurse has been awarded damages as a result of an assault that occurred in an Emergency Department waiting room in January 2014.

  • Connecting safety and culture - getting started: Integra Packaging Pty Ltd., Yeerongpilly

    Integra Packaging embarked on a safety culture and leadership journey when the company recognised that the key to continued safe and efficient production rested with its people.

  • Plaintiff acted contrary to training

    Evans v State of Queensland [2013] QDC 277. A police officer suffered a nose, wrist and psychiatric injury when she was struck by an offender while attempting to extract his car keys from a car.

  • Horseplay not to be tolerated in the workplace

    Goran Cincovic v Blenners Transport Pty Ltd, Supreme Court of Queensland [2017] QSC 320, 20 December 2017. Employers need to ensure there are clear directions in the workplace, not to engage in activities which pose a foreseeable risk of injury.

  • More rigorous system not required

    Morton v Ivor Fritz Removals [2013] QDC 293. Worker injured his knee when he was moving furniture.

  • Truck Driver Awarded Damages for Faulty Truck Seat

    The Plaintiff was a 38 year old truck driver who alleged he sustained a lower back disc protrusion driving a truck with a faulty seat over a period of months.

  • High duty of care on employers extends to one-off simple tasks

    Witherington v Lev’s Fabrications Pty Ltd [2014] QDC 266 21 November 2014. This case highlights the high duty of care placed on employers to provide workers with a safe place of work, safe systems of work, appropriate training and to assess the risk involved in all aspects of an employee’s work.

  • Employer not negligent for trivial accident

    Chapman ATS University of Southern Queensland Student Guild, 12 August 2010. Manual handling case study where a cleaner was injured performing additional duties. This case study demonstrates an employer will not necessarily be found negligent for a trivial workplace incident.

  • Engaged employees own The Jetty Specialist's safety transformation

    The Jetty Specialist, a Caloundra-based marina infrastructure builder, turned to its employees to help improve their safety performance.

  • Workplace assault involving issues of foreseeability and causation and the employer's knowledge

    Colwell v Top Cut Foods Pty Ltd ACN 010 650 281 [2018] QDC, 27 June 2018. The Plaintiff alleged that preceding events put the employer on notice of a possible assault which then imposed a duty of care on the employer to implement preventative measures to prevent the foreseeable risk.