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  • Employers need to consider the health and safety of those at work outside of normal hours

    In the recent judgement of Walker v Greenmountain Food Processing Pty Ltd [2020] QSC 329, the Supreme Court of Queensland found an employer liable for the loss and damage suffered by a worker who sustained serious injuries after falling through a roof at dusk while investigating an issue with a boiler.

  • Alleged injury from exposure to common cleaning agent

    The Plaintiff was a 57-year-old part-time aged care worker. She alleges she suffered a chemical sensitivity injury and a consequent psychiatric injury as a result of exposure to a sanitising chemical “D4” in the course of her employment.

  • Losing breath - The Adam Sager story

    Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's latest film, losing breath tells the tragic story of Adam Sager who died from mesothelioma (an asbestos related disease) at the age of 25.

  • Bullying allegations unproven against employer

    Judge Barlow found that there were two occasions where a Plaintiff might be said to have been bullied by other staff but that the Plaintiff ultimately failed in her claim against the Defendants.

  • Damages awarded to librarian for back injury.

    The Plaintiff was a librarian who injured her back when upturning a book return box to retrieve a book that had slipped under the base.

  • The home: another place of employment where workplace injuries can occur

    Working from home creates an additional place of employment in which the employer must take steps to do what is reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of their workers.

  • Safety leadership and culture stories

    Hear from safety leaders sharing their experience building and maintaining a positive safety culture in their workplace.

  • Importance of proactively progressing claim

    The plaintiff was injured on 23 May 2011 while undertaking a task during the course of his employment. The plaintiff issued court proceedings in February 2013. Liability was not in dispute but the nature of the injuries sustained and the amount of damages claimed was in dispute.

  • IPAM films

    These films showcase the Injury Prevention and Management program and highlight benefits for employers.

  • Young workers toolkit accepted not rejected

    The saying ‘a quick game’s a good game’ may work on the footy field but not in health and safety. Nevertheless, it’s an attitude that still features in some workplaces which results in workers, particularly young ones, taking risks or short cuts to get the job done. Not so for one business retailer.

  • Desire overcomes physical and emotional challenges

    When a worker has a strong desire to continue down their chosen career path, sometimes a serious injury is just a small bump in the road, rather than a complete road block.

  • Return to work plan: a perfect fit

    Shoe store manager Evelyn worked together with her employer Jo Mercer, doctor and WorkCover to find a way to get back to the job she loves after sustaining an injury.