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Injured worker motivates others to return to work

When a 35 year old truck driver sustained serious injuries in a truck rollover, he used his experience and motivation to return to work to inspire other injured workers to want to get back to work.

In the rollover, the worker, a tank driver for a large fuel company, sustained multiple injuries including fractured ribs, knee, pelvis, and both wrists. His operations (13 operations just for his wrist injuries), meant that his time to recover was quite lengthy, but he stayed focused throughout on returning to work.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Advisor Alison Robinson said the worker took part in a host placement program to participate in alternative duties in between surgeries. Once his surgeries were complete, he attended a two week rehabilitation clinic program focusing on work hardening and gym programs.

She said for this gentleman who was very fit and active prior to injury being able to understand he can still get back to work and do things to work around his injuries was fantastic.

“In fact his motivation was so impressive the Rehab Specialist had him speak with others with lesser debilitating injuries to help positively influence them to return to work.”

“Throughout the whole recovery phase he was still motivated to get back to some type of driving and fortunately when his driving assessment was done he passed successfully,” Alison said.

Part of the support in getting him back to work involved completing some training licences assessments. Once he passed, he obtained ongoing employment with a host employer which could accommodate his return to work program.

He's now in the same job, as a fuel tank driver, three years after his injury.

“The work related injury for this gentleman was an exceptionally high permanent impairment, which indicated he would have difficulties with activities such as daily living and returning to work. Contrary to all his adversities and a testament to his determination and emotional resilience, he managed to continually improve his recovery journey at home and at work,” Alison said.

“In my opinion this man's resilience and motivation is nothing short of inspirational.”

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