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Knee injury leads to a new job

Patellofemoral Instability: Diagnosis and Management

After a phone sales/administration worker injured her knee at work, she never considered it could lead to a new job.

The worker sustained a knee injury, known as patella-femoral subluxation, in March 2013 as a result of bending down to fix a display shelf. She said she felt her knee suddenly pop outwards.

Since the time of her injury, the worker has been under the care of a treating specialist, who upon further investigations and diagnosis, recommended the injured worker participate in regular extensive physiotherapy treatment for a period of six to nine months.

Throughout this time, her employer said they could not accommodate the injured worker on suitable duties to avoid further aggravating the injury and so the doctor had to continue to certify the worker unfit for work.

In July, the worker was certified as fit for suitable duties and her WorkCover Customer Advisor Kelly Wills was able to find a host employer who was happy to take on the worker.

The host employer was another phone sales organisation, which had an administrative role that was more appropriate for the worker’s injury. The worker commenced with the host employer in August.

After noticing the great work and enthusiasm that the injured worker demonstrated, the host employer offered her a permanent full-time role with their organisation as of October.

The worker offers advice to those who find themselves in a similar situation: “I would say that anyone in a similar situation who doesn’t feel that they can return to work or is looking for a host employer needs to play an active role in their return to work recovery.

“It helps you mentally and really helps with the recovery process. If you spend time looking for host employers along with your occupational therapist, you’re going to feel more in control and less helpless than just sitting around waiting for a call.”

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