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Endeavour Foundation: host employer success story

Disability support service Endeavour Foundation has a long history of giving people a chance.

An independent not-for-profit organisation, Endeavour Foundation supports people with a disability in more than 230 locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Endeavour Foundation Manager of Injury Management Yvonne Paye said the organisation exists to support people with a disability to have the choices of an ordinary life, and hosting injured workers who can’t return to their original workplace is a natural complement to the organisation’s primary cause.

“Now a diverse community organisation, we were founded in 1951 by a group of parents who refused to accept their children with an intellectual disability couldn’t be educated,” Ms Paye said.

“Forming a makeshift school on a verandah in Coorparoo, Brisbane, these courageous women taught their children basic numeracy, literacy and life skills, and advocated for change.”

A number of Endeavour Foundation’s services and recycled clothing stores have successfully hosted injured workers as part of WorkCover Queensland’s recover at work host employment program.

“Endeavour Foundation is happy to engage in the host employment program whenever we have a suitable placement, with the aim of assisting injured workers who are unable to get back to work at their original workplace,” Ms Paye said.

“We understand the health benefits of work and how the longer someone has to take time off from work, the more difficult it becomes for them to return, which can negatively impact on their physical and mental health and that of their family.

“We provide suitable duties for our staff in the case of an injury to help them get back to work sooner and stay engaged with activity-based rehabilitation.”

Endeavour Foundation’s approach has paid off, with a first return to work average number of days after an injury at 9.36, compared with an average of 23.88 days for peers within the social services industry.

Endeavour Foundation’s stay at work after an injury rate is 46.07%, while the industry rate is 33.37%, and their final return to work success rate is 96.43%, compared with an industry rate of 95.04%.

These high success rates impact on employer WorkCover premium rates for Endeavour Foundation, and also contribute to a better industry average.

Find out more about how you as an employer can benefit from participating in the Recover at work host employment program, while helping injured workers get back on track.