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McNab safety practices results in three million hours LTI-free

Toowoomba and Brisbane based construction and civil firm McNab, has now achieved three million hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). They have been LTI-free for two years and continue to maintain a 0.00 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) across the company.

The milestone is a team effort across a wide range of work sites in the general construction, energy and resources and environmental sectors, and is a result of proactive injury management programs and a successful safety culture including:

  • Personal Safety Commitments made by all staff for both home and the workplace
  • Safety campaigns targeting on-site injuries as well as broader safety culture initiatives around hydration and free skin cancer checks
  • Special identification and monitoring of under-21 year old workers on site
  • Worker contribution to site-specific safety initiatives with clear two-way feedback on progress.
  • Enforced safety and PPE policies
  • Proactive injury management and rehabilitation planning as well as flexible work environments for staff and subcontractors on restricted work duties
  • Offering the first medical consultation at no cost to any worker (employee or subcontractor)

McNab Health and Safety Manager John Martinkovic said every work site has a Safety Consultation Committee with the aim of involving all workers in having a say on safety and being actively engaged in making a difference on their work site.

"McNab wants to ensure that safety is a natural consideration when workers are planning their job, not something that has to be done because it's compulsory".

"We also provide a good system of consultation. If an incident happens, it is reported at the next work site pre-start meeting for discussion about prevention. For McNab, it's always safety first and we are very fortunate to have a strong team culture supported by great processes," Martinkovic said.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Services Manager, Construction, Tammy Kangas congratulated McNab on their commitment to creating a safe environment and a strong safety culture, as well as their commitment to looking after their workers and ensuring they receive the best outcome for everyone.

"There's a lot of great activities that McNab are doing that could work well in other workplaces. It shows that a strong safety culture as well as compliance can dramatically improve safety on site"

"And in the event of an injury, open communication between the injured worker, the employer and the GP or treating specialist can make all the difference in getting an injured worker back to work, or helping an injured worker recover at work," she said.

For more information on work health and safety, injury management or returning to work after an injury, please visit, or call us on 1300 362 128.