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Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week events

Safe Work Month 2020

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Safe Work Month 1-9 October events

Get your team together for a fun morning focusing on staying healthy and safe at work.

  • Safety Ambassador, Shane Webcke will share his tips on being happy, healthy and safe at work.
  • Warm up with stretches and simple exercises with Karlie from That Pilates Passion.
  • Watch MasterChef’s Tessa Boersma whip up an easy and healthy breakfast that you can make at home.

Speakers: Sarah-Jane Robson and Richard Taylor, Senior Advisors, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses with limited experience in work health and safety, this practical session will cover the fundamentals of safety and injury management systems.

You’ll have direct access to Senior Advisors from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, who are skilled and experienced in helping businesses improve their WHS and injury management outcomes. They’ll also step you through the ongoing support that Workplace Health and Safety Queensland can provide as you get ball rolling on improving your business systems.

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Speaker: Steve Simpson, Authority on workplace culture and customer service.

This session will focus on one of the biggest influences on safety – team and company culture – and why culture can be difficult to shift. You’ll learn how unwritten ground rules (UGRs) can be used to transform and boost safety cultures, including:

  • an introduction to UGRs and how they drive people’s behaviours generally and safety cultures specifically
  • how URGs determine the safety culture within a team or entire organisation.

Speaker: James Fletcher, Occupational physiotherapist and exercise physiologist.

This interactive session will explore how new ideas and findings in pain science and fatigue can help us to better understand accidents and how pain presents in the workplace. Understanding that pain is complex, and influenced by many factors other than tissue damage—such as communication, support and fatigue—will help you to deliver more effective wellness programs in your workplace.

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Speaker: David Provan, Leading safety thinker and practitioner.

If health and safety in your workplace feels weighed down by paperwork, rules and procedures, this is the session for you. You'll learn how to identify safety clutter—the accumulation of safety procedures, documents, roles and activities that are performed in the name of safety but may not actually contribute to the safety of operational work and can even increase risk by creating negative beliefs and attitudes. You'll learn what to do about safety clutter and how to remove it, including how to declutter without affecting legal compliance and certification.

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Mental Health Week 10-16 October events

All sessions this week will focus on supporting mental health in your workplace. View resources and ideas for getting involved in Mental Health Week.

In this interactive session including a live Q&A, Simon will share his personal story, including his experiences around leadership, resilience, and mental health.

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Speaker: Aaron Williams, CEO, Mindstar (Employee assistance programs and workplace wellbeing solutions).

This session will focus on training managers to manage themselves and build their ‘stress resiliency’—your ability to deal with constant change and uncertainty and to recover from adversity and respond effectively.

You'll learn about the importance of mentally healthy workplaces and how to:

  • manage your thinking and emotions during stressful situations
  • lead others during stress or crisis
  • spot signs and recognise when someone is struggling
  • ask 'Are you okay'?

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Speaker: Jorgen Gullestrup, CEO of MATES in Construction.

Construction apprentices and their supervisors are invited to join us for a discussion about suicide prevention for young workers in the construction industry.

Research has found that young males working in the construction industry in Queensland are at a higher risk of suicide and are twice as likely to take their own lives than other young Australian males.

Jorgen will discuss the unique characteristics of young workers that contribute to this over representation, how today's challenging climate is impacting young workers in the industry and what your can do to manage the risks in your workplace.

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Speakers: Dr Lorraine Stokes, Organisational psychologist
Ngaire Graham, Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.

This session will explore how to create a culture of early intervention in order to achieve a mentally healthy workplace. You’ll find out why it’s a challenge when intervention doesn’t happen early enough and learn how to recognise the early warning signs of psychological distress and implement strategies to reduce the risk of harm to workers.

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Speakers: Kuda Sekete, Health and Wellbeing Culture Partner
April Jones, registered psychologist, representing Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Australasia (EAPAA) 
Dominic Manca, Psychological Health Unit, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

This panel of experts will discuss how individuals and workplaces responded to and were impacted by COVID-19, and key learnings that can be applied to support health and safety in remote and isolated workplaces.

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Speaker: Dr Curtis Gray, Psychiatrist.

This session will explore how to minimise poor recovery and secondary injury after a claim for workers’ compensation is made, and the factors that allow some people to recover from physical and psychological injuries as expected, while others do not.

Particularly relevant for business leaders, employers and return to work professionals, Curtis will explain approaches to treatment from a psychiatric perspective and provide insights about how to prevent lengthy absences from work.

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Speaker: Dr Melissa Connell, Clinical psychologist.

This webinar is particularly relevant to those working in health and human services, and sectors involving personal contact with the public (e.g. police, corrections, emergency services).

Dr Melissa Connell will share her knowledge and experience from managing the transition of a health care agency to trauma informed care and practice. She will reflect on the challenges and key learnings of managing workers' psychological health and safety when their role involves exploring the distress and/or trauma of their clients, and how to ensure their clients are not re-traumatised during treatment.

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Speakers: Lara Bakes-Denman, Clinical Initiatives Coordinator, Mental Health and Specialised Services
Trisha Cabrero, Senior Psychologist, Queensland Police Service
Robyn Kirby, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
Aaron McCann, Mental Health Advocate, Energy Queensland.

Use of peer support in response to psychosocial hazards is increasing across a range of industries. This expert panel will discuss how peer support works in their workplaces and consider the challenges and opportunities that peer support programs offer. This session is particularly relevant for those working in health and human services.

Safe Work Month 19-30 October events

Speaker: Rachel Clements, Registered psychologist.

Learn about vicarious trauma, its causes, prevalence and impact, and how to recognise the early warning signs in yourself and your colleagues. You'll hear about coping strategies that can help to deescalate emotional reactions after exposure to trauma, as well as best practice prevention, intervention and recovery strategies.

Speaker: Mark Watego, Managing Director and owner, Meeting Place Consultancy.

This presentation focuses on how cultural capability contributes to the creation of a mentally healthy and safe workplace. Mark will draw on his extensive experience in the area of cultural awareness training and consultancy to explore this and related workplace strategies. He shares his expertise in the importance of understanding cultural differences, and recognition of issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This session explores cultural capability from a strength perspective and dives into beliefs, unconscious bias and the importance of language and culture.

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Speaker: Dr Sid O'Toole, Occupational and environmental physician.

Recommended for those who work at the coal face in injury management, as well as senior leaders in health and safety and human resources/people and culture, this session will cover why even the best-made plans for rehabilitation and return to work can go wrong.

You'll learn about the foundation of the fears of each of the stakeholder groups involved in return to work, and ways to overcome these fears and break down the barriers to successful return to work.

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Speaker: Gina McLellan, Human resources specialist
Marina Vitale, Principal Advisor Ergonomics, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

This session will appeal to all employers and managers navigating remote work for the first time due to COVID-19.

Human resources specialist Gina McLellan will share the story of how Brisbane-based architecture firm bureau^proberts managed the unprecedented and ever-changing COVID-19 work environment, and how with no previous remote working experience, they enabled their creative team to be safe and productive while working from home. This included helping their team to design healthy and safe working environments, developing a culture of care and consideration for the diverse needs of creative people, and finding ways to adapt fast. Gina will also explain how they’re now coming out the other side, navigating the complex considerations as they transition back to the office, embracing new ways of working and incorporating 'lessons learned' into their business-as-usual, and reigniting engagement with staff while managing COVID-19 protocol challenges.

Gina will be joined by Marina Vitale from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Marina will explore some of the common working from home issues and challenges presented by COVID-19. She will also focus on the obligations of workers and workplaces to ensure healthy and safe work from home in accordance with WHS legislation.

Speaker: Dr Matt Brearley, Occupational heat stress consultant.

In this practical session, you’ll learn about evidence-based approaches to address heat stress. This session will equip you with the knowledge to better manage the risks of occupational heat.

The record heat of recent summer/wet seasons has re-focused attention on occupational heat (and humidity) exposure. Since heat stress is not readily quantified by organisations, and often normalised by workers (‘heat stress is just part of the job’), it tends to be grossly under-reported. This not only threatens the health and safety of workers on a seasonal basis, but also hampers organisational efforts to manage heat stress. Additional barriers include relying on hydration as a control measure, and under-utilising complementary strategies such as heat acclimatisation and cooling.

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Speaker: Samuel Eddy, Workplace wellbeing educator and executive coach.

Successful health and safety strategies must start with people, but how can we create safe and thriving workplaces if our employees are overwhelmed and stressed? And in the midst of COVID-19, employer mental health and wellbeing support for their workforce is more critical than ever.

In this interactive session, Samuel will demonstrate how both employees and organisations can collectively reduce their 'stress temperature' and set up simple but powerful wellbeing anchors that will enable workplaces to not only be safe and healthy, but to thrive and boost productivity. With special guest and Registered Mental Health Nurse, Sarah Kavanagh, this will be a practical session, not just about theory, where you will get to experience these tools for yourself and take away learnings for your organisation.

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Speaker: Dr Simone Ryan, Medical specialist and occupational medicine pioneer, Founder and CEO of TOTIUM (corporate medical and health services).

This session will address the challenges of a multigenerational workforce for business leaders and safety and return to work professionals, including:

  • how to maintain productivity while protecting employees from the risk of injury or aggravation of age-related conditions
  • the challenge of implementing healthy initiatives relevant to a multigenerational workforce.

Simone will discuss the biology, physiology and psychology of ageing and explore ways to design an age friendly workplace. She will discuss how to develop and build action plans to help retain the ‘ageing’ workforce along with their expertise, while implementing strategies to encourage younger employees to adhere to safe work practices early on in their career. Using a case study, Simone will guide you to understand better ways to manage the work environment, the individual, and their work/life balance.

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Speaker: Maureen Hassall, Associate Professor and Director and co-founder of UQ R!SK (at the University of Queensland).

For those at the forefront of work health and safety, this session will explore some of the threats, opportunities and emergent risks associated with intelligence enabled WHS, and how advancements in technology may be optimised to improve WHS.

Intelligence enabled WHS includes cyber and physical systems focused on the advancement of digital technologies and machine intelligence, that have the potential to change how we live, work and relate to one another.

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Speaker: Hayley Lewis, Commonwealth, Olympic and World Champion swimmer, Small business owner/operator.

Ex-Olympian and small business owner Hayley Lewis will share insights from her personal experiences and career, including discussing the importance of mental health and resilience and reflecting on running her small business. Hayley will answer questions from participants in a live Q&A.

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