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Marilyn Hubner

Marilyn HubnerDr Marilyn Hubner is the Managing Director of BuildUp Research and Interactive Training Services, which partners with SMEs and growing organisations to develop and manage their educational and training systems. After spending more than a decade consulting in training, adult education and safety for large and small organisations across construction, manufacturing, service and utility industries, Marilyn knows what truly drives effective training and safety performance —and it’s not ticking the legislative compliance box. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to educate and communicate your understanding back to them.

A big believer in providing relevant training opportunities, Marilyn encourages organisations to strategically plan training interventions to provide for and capture real-time educational needs. Marilyn has designed, developed and delivered training programs across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and has spoken at international conferences in the USA, Germany, Canada, Korea and other Asia Pacific Nations. Her passion for improving workplace training and safety behaviour drives her to excel at every opportunity. In addition to her extensive adult education and training experience, Marilyn is a qualified safety professional with experience in safety systems development, auditing and inspections.

Drawing on her experience in adult education and safety, Marilyn now focuses on designing, developing and evaluating workplace training systems that encompass a holistic organisational approach.