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SWM 2021 Breakfast forum details

Practicing good work design: something all businesses should want, and our regulators encourage.  Dr Elise Crawford, Dr Sara Pazell and Dr Nektarios Karanikas.

In this practical presentation, Elise, Sara or Nektarios will take you through how good work design can provide a scientific results-driven approach to solve real-world problems.

They will explain how good work design integrates physical, psychosocial, and organisational needs in a business – it’s a smart way to foster innovation and mitigate the most significant consequences to the business. Our presenters will explain the process of discovery, design, and realisation of new and improved work methods and systems including products and environments.

They will also focus on how humans are central to these considerations: how will people stay alive and thrive in their workplace? How will businesses remain sustainable in a changing world of work? You’ll learn about the three steps to an effective design process, and the central hallmark of a good work design methodology. The presentation will reference accrediting bodies and standards that prop these initiatives and include case studies to translate these learnings.

The human cost of not speaking up. Psychological safety – not just nice but necessary! Naomi Armitage

In this thought-provoking presentation, Naomi will look at how fostering a culture of health and safety is no longer seen as a nice to have, but a necessity and foundation for the overall performance of a business. And in this current climate, now more than ever, it’s critical for organisations to manage health and safety risk by designing psychologically safe work environments.

With over 20 years’ experience owning and operating a nation-wide employee assistance and fitness for work company, Naomi will look at what psychological safety is, the benefits your work environment can achieve and the key correlation it has to individual wellbeing, safety performance, productivity and innovation. She will also share some recent applications of psychological safety in the workplace and the power it has in action along with the implications for future health and safety organisational interventions.

Planning for the post-COVID lockdown world – managing the changing face of psychosocial risk in your workplace. Simon Brown-Greaves

This practical workshop will help you identify the current and future risk to the psychological health and wellbeing of your workforce.

As with most of the world, Australia has been through an enormously challenging period. For many workforces this continues to have substantial impact on the way our people approach work and in particular has created a range of new risks to people’s wellbeing.

Simon will explore current and emerging risk, through an interactive and scenario-based approach and provide simple and practical tools that you will be able to take back to your workplace to improve the wellbeing of your workforce. Using evidence and research-based strategies, you will explore contemporary practices to help address workplace flexibility, and the ongoing challenges of occupational violence, bullying and harassment.

The workshop will also help you explore ways to engage your people to be part of the solution in a volatile and uncertain world.