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Safe Work Month Launch 2021

The Safe Work Month Launch celebrated the start of Safe Work Month with a free online event that had something for everyone.

Our launch event featured guest appearances from Queensland’s Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke, Everyday Gourmet and MasterChef star Justine Schofield, swimming champion and mental health activist Hayley Lewis, and our Safety Advocates Garry Nichols and Dan Kennedy.

Master of Ceremony welcome

9.02 am
Welcome to country smoking ceremony

Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace event welcome

Highlight on the Injury Prevention and Management Program (IPaM)

Usher Group and Richard Taylor from the IPaM program

Mental health chat
Hayley Lewis

Healthy cooking demonstration
Justine Schofield, Hayley Lewis and Queensland Country Women’s Association

Electrical safety in the home
Electrical Safety Office

Safety Advocate chat
Garry Nicolls and Dan Kennedy

Staying safe at work
Shane Webcke

Audience safety quiz

MC wrap up and event close


Shane WebckeShane Webcke, football legend and sports presenter, is Queensland's Safety Ambassador.

Shane has a strong connection and commitment to work safety as his father was killed in a workplace incident.

Now, Shane shares the story of how his father's death impacted his family, visiting Queensland businesses and speaking with workers about the importance of staying safe at work and creating a strong safety culture.

Hear from Shane as he shares his tips for being happy, healthy, and safe at work.

Hayley Lewis Hayley captured the hearts of Australians by winning five Gold Medals at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games at the age of 15. Backing up a year later, she went on to become one of Australia’s youngest ever World Champions by winning the 200 metre freestyle at the Perth World Championships. In 1992, at her first Olympics, Hayley brought home a silver and a bronze followed by more medals at the '93 Pan Pacs, the '94 Commonwealth Games, the '95 World Championships, the '96 Atlanta Olympics, and the 2000 Olympics.

She officially retired at the age of 27.

Since swimming, Hayley has opened a swim school, hosted five seasons of the reality show The Biggest Loser, authored a small business book' and had over 18 years' experience as a small business owner.

While juggling her business in Balmoral ‘Coming Up Roses’ being a mum to her two sons and a wife to her childhood sweetheart, Hayley has been busy studying and is now in her fourth year as a psychology student

Justine SchofieldJustine is one of Australia's most recognisable culinary faces, having built a reputation as a simple and elegant cook. Passionate about inspiring families across the country to be more ambitious and creative in their kitchens, Justine brings an infectious energy to everything she does. Justine will show us how to whip up a delicious and healthy breakfast that can be easily made at home. She’ll also go head to head with Hayley Lewis for a safety quiz.

Garry NicholsGarry Nichols was an experienced farmer when he lost his leg in a tractor rollover incident.

Without being aware of a hidden rock, Garry suffered traumatic injuries when his tractor rolled and crushed his lower body. He also lost his farm through the financial hardship that followed.

As a Safety Advocate, Garry visits Queensland businesses to share his story and help others avoid what he has been through.

Dan KennedyDan’s son Dale was working in a ceiling space when he died from an electric shock. Dale was only 20 and close to finishing his electrical apprenticeship. He was also a young father himself.

Dan shares his story to encourage workers (especially young workers), to voice their concerns if they see something that is unsafe, and to always turn the power off before working in a ceiling space.

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