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Mental health forum program

7.30 - 8am
Registration opens

8 - 8.05am
Master of Ceremony welcome

8.05 – 8.10am
Opening address

8.10 – 8.45am
Lived experience - speaker announcing soon!

8.45 – 9.45am
Common features of bullying and harassment in the workplace, its consequences, frequency and intervention strategies

9.45 – 10.05am
Morning tea

10.05 – 10.50am
People at Work psychological risk assessment tool

10.50 – 11.50am
Managing the risk of sexual harassment in the physical and online workplace - speaker announced soon!

11.50am – 12.35pm

12.35 – 1.35pm
Understanding the early markers of recently trauma-exposed people and early identification of PTSD

1.35 – 2.35pm
How to manage yourself and others in challenging situations – setting yourself and others up for success

2.35 – 2.55pm
Afternoon tea

2.55 – 3.55pm
Supporting workers through the return to work process

3.55 – 4.45pm
Mind over matter - reducing psychological harm, minimising poor recovery and secondary injury and strategies to help resistant workers return to the workplace following COVID-19.

4.45 - 5pm
Master of Ceremony outcomes, takeaways and actions