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Naomi Kemp – The University of Queensland

Category two – Best individual contribution to work health and safety

In 18 months as the Health, Safety and Wellness Strategy and Leadership Advisor at the University of Queensland, Naomi developed and implemented the Health, Safety and Wellness Strategic Plan.

Over 12 months, Naomi embarked on extensive consultation. She engaged with many stakeholders from the UQ Senate (Board) level all the way through the organisation and its many workplaces. She created the Safety Leadership in Action Pilot to promote safety and awareness activities. To support this, she actively sought the engagement and commitment from USMG members to undertake regular hands-on walks within their faculty/institute. Leaders were provided with risk factor protocols to assist in the safety interaction. Each protocol provided conversation cues and observation points regarding a specific risk. This allowed leaders to resolve minor issues immediately. While safety leadership programs are common practice in other industries they are not common in the tertiary education sector.

The university is a complex environment and risk factors identified for ongoing scrutiny include:

  • biological materials
  • hazardous chemicals
  • fixed plant and equipment
  • manual tasks
  • housekeeping and storage
  • radiation safety
  • plant and equipment
  • contractor management.

Naomi Kemp
Naomi Kemp