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Category three – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

To stem the flow of unsafe and inferior products into the Australian electrical market from its suppliers, The BGW Group introduced a supplier audit program. The program ensures electrical products being supplied to its customers are safe and of good quality, minimising risks and product recalls. Started in 2017, the program is now used throughout the business.

The program has three key areas where a business must provide evidence towards accreditation. These are:

  • product safety (ERAC registration, ISO9001 certification, JAS-ANZ certification and IEC certification)
  • product quality (suppliers have to provide evidence of an internal quality management policy if they don't have IS09001 certification and The BGW Group workers are asked to report back on reliability of products)
  • insurance standards (every supplier must supply their certificate of currency for public and product liability insurance which meets the minimum liability coverage for products supplied).

BGW Group
BGW Group