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SDF Electrical Pty Ltd

Category three – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

When electrical tests on large high-rise residential buildings were being completed by SDF Electrical workers, there was no way supervisors and management could monitor the progress, accuracy, or completeness of test results until the paperwork returned to head office. This often revealed some circuits had not been tested for electrical safety.

SDF's solution to the problem was to convert their paper-based system of recording test results to a paperless cloud system that uses smart device technology to continuously synchronise test results between the testing person, supervisor, project manager, engineering staff, and selected clients.

The benefits of the paperless testing system are:

  • it provides a transparent in-process inspection and validation system that increases the electrical safety compliance of the installation through more robust administrative controls
  • employees have embraced the use of the paperless system and continually offer suggestions, improvements, and/or additional forms to convert to paperless, for example, records of toolbox meetings, fire-rated penetrations and plant register
  • increased transparency of the system checks
  • considerable cost savings in the field of 20 per cent.

SDF Electrical - Steve Flanagan
SDF Electrical - Steve Flanagan