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P.T. Automation Solutions

Awards 2018 - Winners crest

Category three – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

The electrical maintenance technicians at P.T. Automation Solutions were taking unnecessary safety risks during fault finding and analysis by working on live switchboards. Technicians were doing this because there was no quick and reliable access to switchboard documentation and instead were using unsafe trial and error testing and switching circuits.

To solve this problem P.T. automation introduced QR codes as an easy and efficient way for technicians to access as-built and updated installation, operations and maintenance manual documentation.

The benefits of the QR codes to P.T. Automation Solutions activities are:

  • information on safety risks, environmental hazards and associated plant and equipment for on-site personnel is now easily accessible
  • personnel no longer need to open live switchboards to identify circuits and components in maintenance or breakdown situations
  • switchboard information is accessible to off-site supervisors and work planners via a secure website portal
  • the system will remain accessible and valuable for 20 years or more.
  • it minimises the potential of an arc-fault incident
  • it minimises unexpected starts-stops of connected machinery that could injure people or damage plant.

PT Automation Solutions
PT Automation Solutions