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Skyline Landscape Services

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

Skyline Landscape Services is a specialist landscape maintenance, horticultural and grounds management company.

The company committed to the ongoing management and improvement of injury prevention. The Health Safety Representative identified priorities and opportunities for ongoing development. Some key initiatives included:

  • improving training for new, unskilled and young staff
  • focusing on high-risk activities to ensure more time is spent instructing, observing and monitoring staff before they are deemed competent to operate equipment unsupervised
  • company directors actively involved in the day-to-day safety of Skyline staff
  • developing relationships with preferred GPs, and working closely with them to develop suitable duties for injured workers
  • ensuring early intervention and constant communication between all key parties in rehabilitation and return to work.

Skyline has significantly reduced its insurance premiums and the number of workers' compensation claims lodged. It continues to monitor, develop and enhance the safety and injury management systems as part of its ongoing business development.

Skyline Landscape Services
Skyline Landscape Services