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A&L Windows

Category five – Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative

A&L Windows manufacture a broad range of products including windows, doors, screening solutions, timber, aluminium and glass. Established in 1980 they are now one of the largest residential window manufacturers in Australia.

A&L Windows introduced a wellness program, the 'Framing health program', to put all employees' health on the company's agenda. They engaged an external health provider to review their injury and health risk management processes and to recommend areas for improvement.

A&L Windows found that investing in worker health reduced absenteeism and improved company culture and productivity. All workers have engaged in the program at some point, being ergonomically assessed when they commence with the organisation or attending healthy cooking demonstrations or participating in a health check. This integrated approach to health, safety and wellbeing, has resulted in positive outcomes for employees.

David Andersen
David Andersen