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SEE Civil Pty Ltd

Awards 2018 - Winners crest

Category eight – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

SEE Civil is an Australian-owned civil construction company with expertise in all aspects of civil construction and urban development projects. The company employs professional project managers, engineers, surveyors, and skilled plant operators. SEE Civil owns and operates a large civil plant and equipment fleet allowing the team to manage all aspects of project delivery.

SEE Civil's work health and safety and return to work philosophy places employees and sub-contractors at the centre of the risk management process. The company's policies and processes ensure employees and sub-contractors are consulted and involved collaboratively in the process.

There is a clearly explained integrated management approach to return to work, which details the responsibilities for the worker, supervisor/project manager, return to work coordinator, treating medical practitioner, group work health and safety manager, return to work manager and the executive.

In the past 12 months, SEE Civil projects recorded seven injuries that required medical treatment. Five of the seven involved subcontractor workers and they received the same level of care as SEE Civil workers. Of the seven, only one required time off work (two days). Early intervention and excellent communication with the treating medical facility/practitioner resulted in six of the seven injured workers being able to return to work the next day on suitable duties.

SEE Civil Pty Ltd
SEE Civil Pty Ltd