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Owen Bevan, Stanwell Corporation, Tarong Power Station

Category two – Best individual contribution to work health and safety

Owen is responsible for the health and safety strategy and organisation of 200 full time employees at the Tarong Power Station.

Owen has changed the attitude of workers and management. He has been a driving force behind a supervisor development program that looks at behavioural based safety. Some examples of how Owen has contributed to an improved health and safety in the organisation include:

  • decreasing the Tarong Power Station TRIFR from 20.89 in May 2016 to 8.72 in May 2017
  • being instrumental in developing an improved safety culture with a major contractor that resulted in them moving from 49th position on their Australian health and safety league ladder to equal first
  • increasing hazard reports for outages by 81 per cent.

Owen Bevan
Owen Bevan