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Renee Robertson, Billabong sanctuary

Category seven – Injured worker achievement award

Renee was working as a wildlife ranger training for a crocodile feeding show. They lost control of the crocodile and she was attacked and bitten on the right forearm. She suffered a subtotal amputation of the right limb and underwent several surgeries following the attack.

As much as she wanted to jump back into work, Renee took it slow and did a host plan first. This enabled her to be mentally ready for the challenge ahead and get her body conditioned to work again after a year of doing very little.

'There are lots of positive outcomes from my rehab and return to work plan including improvements to lifestyle and work life balance… I am now more aware of and cautious about workplace safety. I think it is important to get back to something you love. I have a lot of passion for my job'.

Renee Robertson
Renee Robertson