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John King, Brisbane City Council

Category seven – Injured worker achievement award

On the way home from work one afternoon John was involved in a motorcycle accident.

John suffered extensive injuries including ripping two nerves from his spinal cord resulting in injury to his right brachial plexus, fractured ribs, hand fractures and fractured vertebra. Secondary injuries required amputation of his right hand fingertips.

Initially his rehabilitation involved multiple surgeries and it extended to include two and half years of extensive physiotherapy and counselling.

John engaged in the DOORS program which reviewed his prior tertiary qualifications and IT experience and established a plan to help him re-enter the workforce in a different capacity.

John is currently being hosted by the Brisbane City Council Information Management team in an IT role.

In John's words '…being part of a team and feeling like I can contribute to society again has been incredibly powerful and rewarding. My relationships with my family have improved as I am no longer focused on my injuries and limitations and I can contribute positively to more meaningful conversations about my workplace and my role. I feel significantly more optimistic about potential career opportunities even if my current placement doesn't lead to a permanent position'.

John King
John King