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David Jannusch, PFD Food Services

Category seven – Injured worker achievement award

While delivering to a remote destination, David was involved in a single vehicle motor truck accident. The truck left the road and rolled multiple times, trapping him inside the overturned vehicle.

David has shown exceptional motivation and perseverance to recover from his injuries.

He spent nine months in hospital undergoing treatments for various injuries including kidney failure, brain bleed, chemical burns within his arms and multiple organ failures. He also suffered severe trauma to his right leg requiring amputation through the hip joint.

Initially told he would never walk again, he was provided with a prosthesis. He continually pushed his personal boundaries and now could never imagine being without his prosthetic leg.

His gradual return to work program began with a working week of three hours per day, three days per week.

In his words 'I am determined to stay positive and I do not believe in such a word as “can't”. Returning to work has proven to be a great benefit to me as it has improved my memory and my support network with my workmates happy and supportive of my return'.

David Jannusch
David Jannusch