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Buildsafe Queensland

Winner of 2017 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category one – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Buildsafe Queensland developed the 'Void Platform Stairs System' to provide protection and safe access between levels on residential construction sites where voids are a risk.

Void openings are often high traffic areas as the main access point from the ground to the first floor. The system substitutes access by ladder to the first floor with access by stairs and platforms including edge protection.

The system improves safety by:

  • covering the stair access point with an engineered cover that forms part of the working platform and acts as a catch platform should a person fall from above during roof construction
  • using a soft open/close mechanism to improve manual handling and prevent the access hatch cover from hitting a person using the stairs
  • including rollers on the void platform to eliminate the need for workers to manually carry plasterboard sheets between floors.

Void Platform Stair System with edge protection.
Void Platform Stair System with edge protection