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Stanwell Corporation, Tarong Power Station

Winner of 2017 Queensland Safe Work Awards

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

Maintenance at the Tarong Power Station involves four yearly major outages that require 960 newly inducted workers. High risk activities include moving hundreds of tonnes of scaffold tube, utilising more than 30,000 grinding consumables, rigging, fitting, pressure welding, work at heights and electrical work.

To increase safety during the outages the project team reviewed data from the previous thirty years of programs to establish hazard areas, and consulted with workers and supervisors to identify priority areas of focus.

Using thirty years of records to review safety, Stanwell introduced a variety of improvements.

These include working at heights program, a focus on leadership and culture, and a general safe-improvement program.

In particular, the working at heights program addressed key high risk activities through solutions such as:

  • specialised on-boarding and induction for staff relating to working at heights
  • development of a new concept for aluminium floor around the boiler front, to reduce exposure to dropped objects, slips, trips, falls and other musculoskeletal injury risks
  • use of six foot high, impenetrable barriers to fully encapsulate the traffic movement for the transition of the 80 tonnes of scaffolding going into the boiler
  • introduction of specialised tool lanyards for most items on the job.

Stanwell employees celebrating Unit 1 return to service in November 2016.
Stanwell employees celebrating Unit 1 return to service in November 2016