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SEE Civil

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

SEE Civil Pty Ltd is a family owned civil construction company employing approximately 230 people. At any given time SEE Civil has an equivalent number of subcontractors working on its civil construction and quarry sites.

After incurring high levels of medical treatment injuries and lost time injuries, the company made a series of changes to its management structure and processes including:

  • improving communication about health, safety and wellbeing to staff
  • participating in Workplace Health and Safety Queensland initiatives
  • improving quality of WHS information reported to the Board and quality of WHS information reported to the Board
  • identifying focus areas
  • leading, mentoring and encouraging work health and safety advisors to ensure they focus on enabling work.

The changes made by the company over the past 16 months have had a significant and positive impact on:

  • recordable injury rates
  • workers' compensation claims
  • worker morale
  • worker innovation as a result of more worker engagement
  • injury prevention.

SEE Civil is now focused on sustaining these positive changes through worker engagement and a process of continuous improvement.

SEE Civil plant and equipment in action.
SEE Civil plant and equipment in action