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Specialty Fashion Group

Category five – Best workplace health and wellbeing initiative

Specialty Fashion Group is a large specialty retailer of women's fashion in Australasia represented by its brands including Millers, Crossroads, Katies, Autograph, City Chic, Rivers, and 1Woman. It is a high volume industry with two primary risk factors being team member output (workload versus hours) and an ageing workforce. The two main injuries occurring were sprains and strains followed by hitting or being hit by fixtures or moving plant.

Specialty Fashion Group's initiative is based on the axiom that prevention is better than a cure. Their motto is “A little happier, a little healthier: each day” with the idea to be realistic in their approach and make it attainable for all staff regardless of where they are at with their health, wellbeing and safety.

Health and wellbeing team.
Health and wellbeing team