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Toowoomba Regional Council

Category eight – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

In 2013, Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) developed a new organisational procedure for workers' compensation and rehabilitation processes, which dovetails into the incident reporting and investigation procedure.

At the time, TRC met with every medical practice in the region to make them aware of the new processes. This proactive approach has seen a reduction in the number of LTI's based on increased medical awareness of Council's ability to offer suitable and reasonable duties to injured workers as and when required.

It also developed a non-work related medical checklist that employees are to provide to their private medical practitioner should they wish to return on suitable duties prior to having a full medical clearance. This assists medical practitioners in assessing the range of functions an employee can safely complete if a return to work is approved.

The proof of the successful integration of health, safety and wellbeing of workers throughout all facets of our organisation is demonstrated by TRC's:

  • LTIFR at 5.72 (as at May 2017)
  • LTIDR at approximately two-thirds of the Group “E” average at 13.53
  • Worker's compensation contribution rate maintained below one per cent.

Council workers listening to information on new procedures.
Council workers listening to information on new procedures