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Queensland Ambulance Service

Category eight – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) continues to seek all opportunities to eliminate employees being injured and ensure employees returning to work are supported via an early intervention approach and safe return as soon as possible.

The QAS Workplace Rehabilitation Standard sets the expectation that rehabilitation is a normal expectation for all employees and is a shared responsibility for all key stakeholders.

  • QAS provides information and resources on its intranet to assist with each stage of the injury management process.
  • Employees are consulted in the development of their rehabilitation plan, often in conjunction with their medical service provider, to determine appropriate, suitable duties are made available to injured or ill employees. The Health and Safety Advisor in each office contacts the injured party as soon as possible after the injury occurs and becomes the key account manager for their claim.
  • Monthly reports are provided to local offices and each new injury is reported to the Board of Management along with claims of greater than twenty (20) days.

Over the last five years statistics have shown a successful result with QAS significantly reducing the time staff required off work, from injury to recovery. There has also been a reduction in the actual numbers of claims.

Queensland Ambulance Service
Queensland Ambulance Service