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Teys Australia, Condamine

Category two – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Teys Australia Condamine is a 30,000 head feedlot with cattle arriving and departing each day. Teys Australia developed the 'loadout ramp' and 'arrivals ramp' to minimise the risk of falls from a height when drivers were loading and unloading cattle onto different sized trucks and trailers.

The loadout ramp was designed and constructed to include platforms with extendable walkways that can be operated by a driver switchboard and fit between the B-double trailers.

The arrivals ramp accommodates all lengths of trailers and is three levels with the top level extending directly over the top of the trailers, allowing drivers to easily check the trailer without having to be on it. Unloading sensors are also attached to warning lights that signal to drivers when they are required to stop for both side and rear unload.

There have been no serious injuries or incidents relating to the loading and unloading of cattle on this feedlot since the installation of the ramps and feedback from drivers using the new ramps has been positive.

Teys Australia, Condamine
Teys Australia new arrivals platform